The irony about Robin's journey into martial arts is that he started off studying karate and not kung-fu. In keeping with the spirit of Bruce Lee, one of the famous lines from Lee's film, "Way of the Dragon," (aka "Return of the Dragon") is when Lee asks his friend Ah Goon why he wants to learn kung-fu and not karate, Ah Goon answers, "That's Japanese, this is Chinese." After Robin witnessed a Wu Shu demonstration, his journey in life led him down the path of Chinese martial arts, a road he's still walks today.

Robin enjoyed doing the fighting sets of Wu Shu. He discovered he was also good at forms and became known for his drunken form and drunken sword techniques in competition. This would pay off unexpectedly later on at a time when being accustomed to falling on hard floors and solid concrete was a definite asset.

An accomplished martial artist, Robin was the 1982-83 International Forms Champion and a member of the National Wu Shu Team. In China, he earned the Gold and Silver Medal in Wu Shu and a Gold Medal in Weapons. He is a four-time Traditional Form Grand Champion in California. But the hardware of competition is not as important as the software. The virtues, he's learned through martial arts, whereas wisdom takes it's course, the martial arts is about learning not to fight. It seemed in order for Robin to express his knowledge of martial arts while adhering to the true path of the martial arts was via the words of Bruce Lee, "to fight without fighting."